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SQL Saturday #62

I presented a one hour session at SQL Saturday #62 in Tampa on SQL Server PowerShell Extensions (SQLPSX): “In this sesssion we will look at how the CodeProject SQLPSX can be used for real world PowerShell automation. Specific topics covered include using ADO.NET, retrieving SQL Server information, SSIS administration, Policy-Based Management and SQLIse a WPF-based query tool.” The Tampa SQL Saturday featured a full PowerShell track, in addition to my session;  Aaron Nelson (Blog Twitter), Ron Dameron (Blog Twitter) and Ed Wilson aka Scripting Guys (Blog Twitter) also presented PowerShell talks. Be sure to check out their blogs for detials. My thanks to everyone in attendence.  Feel free to post questions and comments. The presentation and supporting materials for the SQL Server PowerShell Extensions session are available here: