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Powerscripting Podcast 2

I was interviewed by Jon (@JonWaltz) and Hal (@Halr9000) in episode 106 of the PowerScripting Podcast. This was my second time coming on the show and it was great to be back. In the interview we talked about the PowerShell changes in SQL Server 2008 R2–There is none :(. I provide a summary of what’s in SQLPSX with a concentration on the version 2 features including SQLIse. We also touch on how you work with the various SQL Server components (Database Engine, SSRS, SSIS, Replication, Agent) using PowerShell. And lastly, we went a bit off topic on what I do and where I work. Check out the Podcast and while your at it listen to their other episodes. These guys do a wonderful job putting together a quality podcast week after week. They focus on bringing in top notch guests including members of the PowerShell product team and PowerShell MVPs. I’m not big podcast subscriber, but I do listen to their show to keep update-to-date on what’s happening with PowerShell and pick up some useful tips. Oh, and if you have time drop in on the live show on Thursdays at 9:30 PM. The live show has the feel of a weekly online user group. There is a lively chat session where you can ask questions of the guests and other attendees. I’m usually online too, so stop by and say hi.