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Sarasota SQL Server User Group Presentation

I presented a one-hour session at the Sarasota SQL Server User Group entitled “Powershell vs T-SQL”. The session Description:

“Automating database tasks traditionally has meant creating Transact-SQL code or an SSIS package. While the introduction of Powershell provides another option, DBAs who are  already familiar  with Transact-SQL and SSIS, question how Powershell fits into SQL Server Managementability. This session will provide a general overview of Powershell, the SQL Server 2008 Powershell host, and demonstrate use cases where Powershell provides an easier solution than T-SQL or SSIS. Likewise, use cases will be highlighted where T-SQL provides a superior solution over Powershell..”

The presentation and supporting material is available here

Please comment or contact me with any questions.


Michael: Very good presentation and I now have a new respect for Powershell. It seems like a bona-fide productivity enhancer. Thanks for the information. Let me know if Raymond James needs any help with T-SQL and/or reporting as I have alot of experience in both. Also, for a sample of my work go to http://www.michaelshields.com. A very good smorgasboard of how to get data and then present the data for human comsumption. All source code is available in the download section.