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SQLPSX 1.5 Release

I completed Release 1.5 of SQLPSX which adds 31 new functions for working with database maintenance (CHECKDB, Index rebuilds, backup and restore) as well as login, user, role and permission management. With this release there are now 104 total functions, 2 cmdlets and 12 scripts around SMO, Agent, RMO, and SSIS.

Here’s a few examples working with database maintenance functions:

#Get a database object $db = get-sqldatabase ‘Z002SqlExpress’ pubs #Run a checkdatabse invoke-sqldatabasecheck $db $db invoke-sqldatabasecheck #Get index defrag information for all indexes $db get-sqltable get-sqlindex get-sqlindexfragmentation #Run an index defrag operation against all indexes $db get-sqltable get-sqlindex invoke-sqlindexdefrag #Run an reindex operation against all indexes $db get-sqltable get-sqlindex invoke-sqlindexrebuild #Run an update statistics operations against all statistics $db get-sqltable get-sqlstatistic update-statistic #Get a server object $server = Get-SqlServer ‘Z002SqlExpress’ #Return log and data directory information: Get-SqlDefaultDir ‘Z002SqlExpress’ #Create a new database Add-sqldatabase ‘Z002SqlExpress’ test #Remove a database Remove-sqldatabase ‘Z002SqlExpress’ test #Add a WindowsGroup login add-sqllogin ‘Z002SqlExpress’ ‘Z002TestGrp1’ -logintype ‘WindowsGroup’ #Add a SqlLogin add-sqllogin ‘Z002SqlExpress’ test5 test5 -logintype ‘SqlLogin’ #Add a Windowsuser login add-sqllogin ‘Z002SqlExpress’ ‘Z002testuser1’ -logintype ‘WindowsUser’ #Add a User add-sqluser ‘Z002SQLEXPRESS’ pubs test5 #Add Windows user add-sqluser ‘Z002SQLEXPRESS’ pubs ‘testuser1’ ‘Z002testuser1’ #Remove a user remove-sqluser ‘Z002SQLEXPRESS’ pubs ‘testuser1’ #Remove a login remove-sqllogin ‘Z002SqlExpress’ test6 #Add a role member to the bulkadmin server role add-sqlserverrolemember ‘Z002SqlExpress’ ‘test5’ bulkadmin #Remove a role member from the bulkadmin server role remove-sqlserverrolemember ‘Z002SqlExpress’ ‘test5’ bulkdmin #Add a database role add-sqldatabaserole ‘Z002SqlExpress’ pubs testrole3 #Remove a database role remove-sqldatabaserole ‘Z002SqlExpress’ pubs testrole3 #Add a database role member add-sqldatabaserolemember ‘Z002SqlExpress’ pubs test5 testrole3 #Remove a database role member remove-sqldatabaserolemember ‘Z002SqlExpress’ pubs test5 testrole3 #Get schemas from a database $db get-sqlschema $db get-sqlschema -name dbo #Return current processes Get-SqlProcess ‘Z002SqlExpress’ ft #Return active transaction in the tempdb database get-sqltransaction ‘Z002SqlExpress’ tempdb #Return the current ErrorLog get-sqlerrorlog ‘Z002SqlExpress’ #Set server level permission set-sqlserverpermission ‘Z002SqlExpress’ AlteAnyLogin test5 Grant #Set database level permission set-sqldatabasepermission ‘Z002SqlExpress’ pubs CreateTable test5 Grant #Set object level permission $db get-sqlschema -name dbo set-sqlobjectpermission -permission Select -name test5 -action Grant