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SQL Saturday Presentation: Using RSS for System Administration

I presented a one-hour session at SQL Saturday Tampa 2009 entitled “Using RSS for System Administration”. The session Description:

“Provide an overview using simple tools that generate standard RSS feeds containing information regarding SQL Server jobs; ad-hoc queries and database size and space allocation information. This session will demonstrate using RSS to automate a daily DBA morning checklist by aggregating error logs, backup and additional information across multiple servers/databases.”

The presentation focused on the concept of RSS enabling System Administration information along with demonstrations using server-side RSS generators xSQLSoftware RSS Reporter, PoshRSS, and RSSBus. I’ve previously blogged about using RSS for administration purposes and presented a shorter session at the Tampabay SQL Server User Group in October 2008.

RSS is a novel and simple way for administrators to aggregate system information. It was great to get the message out and I hope other administrators will try these simple techniques. I’m planning on giving the same session for the Detroit SQL Server User group in February.

The presentation and supporting material is available here.

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