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SQLPSX Release 1.2

I completed Release 1.2 of SQLPSX which adds 14 new functions for working with SQL Server Agent. Here’s an example scripting out all SQL Server Agent Jobs: **Get-AgentJob ‘Z002’ Get-SQLScripter** And this command will display the job history for a job named backup_all_dbs between 10/15/2008 and 10/31/2008: $filter = Set-AgentJobHistoryFilter -name ‘backup_all_dbs’ -startDate ‘10/15/2008’ -endDate ‘10/31/2008’ Get-AgentJobHistory ‘Z002’ $filter

The complete list of new functions added in the 1.2 Release:

Get-AgentJobServer Returns a Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Agent.JobServer Object. This is the top level object for Agent.Smo Get-AgentAlertCategory Returns an SMO.Agent AlertCategory object or collection of AlertCategory objects Get-AgentAlert Returns an SMO.Agent Alert object or collection of Alert objects Get-AgentJob Returns an SMO.Agent Job object or collection of Job objects Get-AgentJobSchedule Returns an SMO.Agent JobSchedule object or collection of JobSchedule objects for Job Objects Get-AgentJobStep Returns an SMO.Agent JobStep object or collection of JobStep objects Get-AgentOperator Returns an SMO.Agent Operator object or collection of Operator objects Get-AgentOperatorCategory Returns an SMO.Agent OperatorCategory object or collection of OperatorCategory objects Get-AgentProxyAccount Returns an SMO.Agent ProxyAccount object or collection of ProxyAccount objects Get-AgentSchedule Returns an SMO.Agent JobSchedule object or collection of JobSchedule objects for JobServer Shared Schedules Get-AgentTargetServerGroup Returns an SMO.Agent TargetServerGroup object or collection of TargetServerGroup objects Get-AgentTargetServer Returns an SMO.Agent TargetServer object or collection of TargetServer objects Set-AgentJobHistoryFilter Sets filtering option used in Get-AgentJobHistory function Get-AgentJobHistory Returns an DataTable of job history, filtering can be applied by using the Set-AgentJobHistoryFilter functio

I choose to put the Agent related functions into a separate Library file, LibraryAgent.ps1. I did this because the Agent related objects are in the Smo.Agent namespace instead of the base Smo namespace, so it made sense to use separate Library file. You’ll need to source the additional Library file to load function definitions. With Release 1.2 complete, I’m planning the next three releases as follows:

  • Release – 1.3 will add functions for working with replication using RMO
  • Release – 1.4 will add functions for working with Integration Services
  • Release – 1.5 will add Remove, Add, and Update functions where appropriate (prior releases have focused soley on Get functions) My goal is to have the releases completed by the end of this calendar year (2008).